Just Life….


Why is life so complicated?
I have those days where I feel completely lost. Feel like I’m carrying the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. And then I have some days where I’m happy and content with life. Why do I have these Episodes? What changes. Honestly even I don’t know.

Maybe its normal maybe most people have them kind of feelings who knows.
How can someone feel so empty and sad despite being so busy day in day out being surrounded by friends and family all the time. How do we even find the time to feel this way. Most importantly why don’t our loved ones spot the signs of us being so unhappy and sad? How can they not see?
Well, I’m guilty of this too I don’t know who’s faking happiness and who’s genuinely happy. I ask them how are you? And I always get the same reply “I’m fine thank you”. Do we say this because it’s so much easier to spare the details? It’s so much easier to say “I’m fine” then saying I feel completely empty inside. I feel like my emotions are everywhere. It’s easier to pretend to be happy stay quite.

The reality is we live in such a fast-paced  world that days are flying by and we have no control over anything. Or do we? Some people are lucky enough to achieve all their bucket list and other just trying to make it through each day.

Sometimes it’s the same old routine over and over again which makes us questions what is life. Were we just created to work and pay bill? Or is there more….I don’t know!

Sometimes I take a moment and take a deep breath and start counting  my blessings, But I can be  so Un-greatful sometimes!! I guess its in human nature to never be satisfied or content with what we have. Always want more and more, Never happy!

But I now know its the little things that actually make us happy.

Small gestures! Worrying about the past brings no happiness to the future nor can it be fixed.  Let go and be grateful for being alive each day as life is the biggest blessing! even if our plans are not working out just remember gods plans are always better then ours and he will only give you the best!

4 thoughts on “Just Life….

  1. We do have ups and downs, swing of moods and all. We pretend to be okay to others cause we don’t want them to see our weak sides, but there’s some whom you trust and shares everything. Well I loved the ending of this, the message that you conveyed, there’s positiveness. Thanks for those vibes


  2. Interesting set of observation and questions:

    Observations as to why we are having ups and downs. Well my life experience says and Nature tells me, that you don’t have a flat heart beat, so life will be ups and downs. If we have ups we don’t feel the good after a while. If we are sad all the time we don’t feel the happiness around us.

    Observations that people say they are fine if you ask them. About this I have an interesting way to go around.

    Don’t ask with tongue from them in person, ask them from their eyes. Look carefully in their eyes, it will tell you the whole world. I see eyes, and I can pretty much tell the story background.

    It will than let you know who is happy and why not.

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