Forever confused.

That feeling, when you are sitting in your car or on your bed. You try to gather your thoughts. You just feel so empty inside. You can’t feel your heartbeat, you feel nothing! Total numbness. Your mind is blank yet all you feel is sadness and emptiness. There is no reason for you to feel this way. No one has said anything nasty to you yet all these unwanted emotions invite themselves and make you feel unworthy. You start thinking of all the reasons why you’d rather not be here. Just for that moment you wish you didn’t exist. This moment is few min yet it’s so powerful. This feeling is so strong it makes you forgot all your loved ones and every single happy moment. These emotion take over and destroy your inner peace. The sadness feels like life has been unfair to you and your unworthy of it. Your thought become so bitter and your emotion take over. You don’t feel like talking to anyone or being around anyone. You think the whole world is against you and there is nothing that will make this feeling go away. Yet few minutes later you are you! The person you’ve always been, happy, cheerful and great full. You smile and make life plans. You imagine all the things you like to do and make your future plans and this emptiness is nowhere to be felt. You feel complete and satisfied.

Yet only a short while before you were wishing you never existed.

Why do We feel this way. Why do We enter this dark bitter phase. Does our mind plays tricks on us to test us of or is this what growing old means? Why do we feel like this, like life is a burden yet when We are normal we Love life. Even when We have reasons not to. But when We have no reason to feel all them feelings we Unwillingly feel them.

Forever confused……!

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