Hope is everything! We cling onto hope like nothing else Matters. Sometimes in life we make such horrific choices that we hope to rectify them some day. But sometimes we are unlucky that we are never given another chance. Yet we carry on hoping. We let go of important people but hope to make mends one day. When we realise it’s to late but we still hope that one day we can. We keep toxic people in our lives hoping they will change but they never do.

When you try so hard to make mends because only now you’ve realised you was wrong. So you keep hoping and wishing.

Sometimes hoping for things to happen because you didn’t show appreciation at first is very damaging. You are forever waiting and forever hoping. Hope is a beautiful thing too as without hope life would be colourless. Hope gives us that extra push to keep going as we trick our mind into thinking there’s something in the future yet deep down we know we’ve blown all our chances.

Hoping for this hoping for that and time passes by. But what if instead of hoping we took our chances. We made that move we hoped others to make. What if we became the bigger person and said sorry instead of hoping someone else would.

Sometimes Hope can leads us to dead ends and damaging consequences. That wishful thinking can scar us as you are in denial. Not ready to accept what realty is because we hope things to be something else.

Stop hoping, start living if it’s meant to be then it will be. Life is a funny game. Once you stop chasing it starts chasing you. Once to accept reality, situations change and you think differently. What you’ve wasted time hoping for comes to you in a different form. The sooner you accept the quicker the pages in your life turn.

You can live everyday hoping for a better job or happy life but without you actually making the move nothing will happen.

Hoping someone will come and save you isn’t true. No one will save you, you are your own hero.

People don’t care what your dreams and ambitions are they only care about what you bring to the table. If you sit there empty handed then just watch how quickly they will replace you with someone who isn’t hoping for better things but doings something to make those better things happen.

Be a dreamer but don’t daydream. Be hopeful but do set your goals too.

Good things happen to those who go out there and earn them.

God helps those who are ready to help themselves

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